Page 9 - 2013 AISES Annual Report Flipbook
P. 9
AISES offers a universe of opportunities to students! Our students choose to move forward in their educational journeys by learning and acquiring new skills that will help them in meeting the ever-changing STEM needs of our communities. With the cost of tuition continually increasing and becoming even further out of reach, AISES scholarship support is often the critical lifeline Native students need in order to continue the pursuit of a STEM education. And that lifeline provides more than just scholarship support, it provides a link to AISES Full Circle of Support, ensuring our students will successfully meet their educational goals and go on to STEM careers.
At AISES, we invest more than just scholarship support into our students; we are investing confidence, trust, and a large community of support and encouragement. Year after year, our AISES scholars bring potential and limitless possibilities for the future of STEM, each working towards advancing his or her opportunities in STEM career fields.
Corporate, government, foundation, individual and tribal partners provide the funding for AISES scholarships. Without their support, many students would not receive the critical financial support they need to complete their STEM studies. As such, at AISES, we are truly humbled and thankful for the support of our partners.
In addition to supporting scholarships, there are many other ways to partner with and support AISES. Visit our website to learn more about the myriad of opportunities available to corporations, foundations, government agencies, individuals, and tribes.

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