Page 8 - 2013 AISES Annual Report Flipbook
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6Access and SuccessCollege ProgramsThe college program is designed to increase “access to,” and boost “success in,” STEM careers. The program supports undergraduate and graduate education and students in STEM studies through college chapters; regional and national conferences; leadership development; mentorship; scholarships; internships; and career resources.College ChaptersLocated at over 150 colleges, tribal colleges, and universities throughout North America, AISES College Chapters provide professional and social peer support, and serve as liaison between AISES National Office and our students. Exemplary chapters are recognized during awards ceremonies at the National Conference. Although each college chapter has unique priorities, goals, and member profiles, there are several common traits and roles that all share: provide peer support, career guidance, and leadership opportunities to fellow students; offer academic, cultural, and social support to members; contribute to local and regional communities; contribute to the fulfillment of the AISES mission; and demonstrate upstanding scholastic and character values to other students.

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