Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Internships

One to two positions will be available in BPA’s Transmission Services in one of the following organizations:  Planning and Asset Management, System Operations, and Engineering and Technical -- depending on the students’ engineering major of study and interest. The internship will be located in Vancouver, WA (just outside of Portland, OR). Interns will assist senior engineers working on drawings, performing planning functions, design, testing equipment, participating in field visits and other activities related to project development. The ideal student will have a background in electrical, civil or mechanical engineering. 


Another position will be open in BPA’s Fish & Wildlife Program. For this internship, the first and last week are spent at the BPA Headquarters in Portland, OR where the intern is exposed to work completed by the BPA Fish and Wildlife Program – a nearly $300 million annual program that implements fish and wildlife related projects in the region. The majority of the internship is spent at the Cle Elum Supplementation and Research Facility (fish hatchery) located in Cle Elum, WA managed by the Yakama Nation. The intern performs a suite of fish culturist and technician tasks with the Yakama Nation hatchery team as well as partnering state agencies. The intern will learn the importance of supplementation and management actions within the Yakima Basin. Work performed at Cle Elum is integral to the return of salmon to Columbia River tributaries. This internship provides many opportunities to gain hands-on experience with projects, field work, professional development and networking.



Applications Due:
December 15, 2017 11:59 pm (MST)

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