Certified Federal Surveyors Scholarship

Become a Certified Federal Surveyor!

Recently, AISES partnered with Certified Federal Surveyors to allow it to better serve its members who are a Professional Land Surveyor(PLS) or Land Surveyor in Training(LSIT).   The Certified Federal Surveyors Program (CFedS) is co-administered by the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) and it provides unique and extensive training for PLS in understanding federal survey processes.  The voluntary program, approved by the Secretary of the Interior and the Office of the Special Trustee, CFedS is designed to: increase the pool of qualified surveyors to perform work on or near federal interest lands, including Indian lands; to ensure such surveys comply with federal regulations and policies, decreasing the chance and expense of rework; and provide opportunities to increase self-determination for Indian tribes.  Tribes, BIA, individuals, and other federal agencies are encouraged to select CFedS surveyors when contracting for boundary surveys or other cadastral services.

Through this valuable new partnership, CFedS will offer five (5) scholarships, valued at $1,200 each.  Scholarship applicants must be current AISES members or must become members within 30 days of award.  Applications are only accepted via the online AISES Scholarship platform.  These scholarships will cover the costs of the CFedS training material, which is comprised of video lectures, exercises, web problems and web courses, a pre-printed Study Guide, as well as related fees for the examination and certification. Participants have access to a training coordinator throughout the course and will have two years or three attempts at the successful completion of examination, whichever comes first.

A Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) is a state licensed land surveyor who has successfully completed the certification process established by the BLM Cadastral Survey Program.  CFedS can perform a wide range of cadastral services within the state(s) he or she is licensed to practice land surveying. Pre-Licensed-Pre-Registered (aka LSIT) individuals will become a CFedS when they become state licensed.  

How does a surveyor become a Certified Federal Surveyor?  Applicants must complete a series of distance-learning training courses equivalent to a four credit college course (approximately 160 hours to complete). Training includes seven modules with various problems, case studies and quizzes which must be completed. The training program prepares the surveyors for the six and one half hour Certification Examination.  Exams are offered three times a year; on the first Friday of each February, June & October.  More info about:  How to become a CFedS!  

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Who can apply for this Scholarship?  To apply for this AISES CFedS scholarship, applicants must:

  1. Be a registered/licensed land surveyor in a least one state, territory, or the District of Columbia; or land surveyor in training, that has passed the NCEES Fundamentals of Surveying examination;
  2. Applicants must be an enrolled member of a federally or state recognized American Indian Tribe; Alaskan Native Village or be Native Hawaiian.  Applicants may also provide a copy of their Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood or Certificate of Degree of Alaska Native Blood (CDIB) card demonstrating at least 25% Native blood quantum.  Students must submit a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) or proof of tribal enrollment. Native Hawaiian’s may submit a copy of their birth certificate showing descendancy.  
  3. Be a United States citizen; and
  4. Be a current AISES member or become an AISES member within 30 days of award.

How do I apply for the scholarship? 

AISES only accepts applications submitted online via our online scholarship platform, found at: https://aises.starsscholarshipsonline.com/stars/default.aspx.

What’s the Application and award Timeline? Applications are open until filled. Award Notifications sent to selected individuals.