College Student and Advisor Information Update

As we gear up for the 2015 National Conference we have several activities that our College Members need to be thinking about. Those activities include:

  • Election of the Junior National Student Representative

  • Chapter of the Year Awards

  • Advisor of the Year Award

I have had the amazing privilege of meeting so many wonderful students and amazing chapters this year that I have no doubt that whtere will be some really amazing applications from chapters and students that are very deserving! Please take some time to think about these activities and if you are interested in applying for any of them.  If you have any questions you can contact your Regional Rep, National Student Reps ( or myself, Lisa Paz, at AISES Headquarters (  Please also send this email to other students you know that may be interested in applying!

Junior National Student Rep

It is time to start thinking about electing the next Junior National Student Representative.  Do you possess the communication, management, and leadership skills necessary to be an AISES National Student Representative? Are you willing to further develop the skills you already possess?  If so, consider applying for the AISES Junior National Student Representative. The National Student Representatives serve in multifaceted leadership roles including: a) as the primary student ‘ambassadors’ of the organization, b) as the primary point of contact to Regional Student Representatives, c) as a resource to other students within the organization, and d) as Student Members of the Board of Directors (non-voting). 

Deadline: October 15, 2015

For more information and the application, see the AISES website here and click on the "Student Representatives" menu item

Chapter of the Year Awards

AISES’ goal is to assist chapters in building and strengthening chapters to meet the AISES Mission and to encourage chapters to increase membership, build on current strengths and develop leadership among chapter members.  The chapter awards program allows chapters to identify their strengths and compete for Category Awards.  The Category Awards were determined based on past submitted AISES Chapter Reports and previous years’ Chapter of the Year Applications. 

Chapters in good standing are eligible to participate in the Chapter Awards Program.  Chapters may apply to no more than two (2) Award Categories.  The Award Categories are:

  1. Recruitment/Retention
  2. Fundraising/Marketing
  3. Outreach & Community Service
  4. Professional & Chapter Development    

Chapters are eligible to win in both categories they are applying for.


All college chapters in good standing may apply.  Chapters considered in good standing are those that:

  • Submitted their Annual Chapter Report by May 1st and Online Updates by October 15
  • Have a minimum of eight (8) current student members who are also current national members of AISES.

To verify your chapter’s status, contact Lisa Paz at

Deadline: October 20, 2015

For more information and the application for this award, see the AISES website here and click on the "College Chapter Awards" menu item

Advisor of the Year Award

Why do Chapters need Advisors?  Because while students have the drive, desire and talent to make a successful chapter, the Advisor brings wisdom, experience, advice, and an understanding of accepted protocols and procedures to complement the student’s talents.  This partnership creates an environment from which a successful chapter is formed and sustained.

AISES’ Chapter Advisors serve in one of the most varied and challenging roles within the entire AISES organization.  Not only are they ‘ambassadors’ of the organization to external organizations, but are also advocates of their Chapter within the College/University structure, Liaison to the National AISES office, and also serve directly to their chapter members as academic advisors, resources to the services available from the college/university, spokespeople to college/university administrators, and in a host of other roles depending on the individual Advisor.

Deadline: October 20, 2015

For more information and the application for this award, see the AISES website here and click on the "Chapter Advisor Award" menu item