About the Leadership Summit

About the 2016 Leadership Summit:

AISES is excited to announce that the 2016 Leadership Summit will be held in Rochester, MN April 14-16. Serving as meeting hosts for the event this year are AISES partners IBM and the Mayo Clinic (Rochester Campus). 

AISES’ Leadership Summit is aimed at providing Native higher education students and AISES professionals with in-depth professional development workshops and networking opportunities. Multiple sessions will engage participants on such personal and professional development topics as “Maintaining Cultural Identity” to “Change Management: Managing Personal Change” and “Bridging Native Tradition within STEM.” The Leadership Summit also offers networking opportunities for early to mid-career level professionals and Native students in STEM and fosters the matching of STEM professionals with STEM students for mentoring. Studies prove that building peer support networks and providing positive role models, mentors, and career development programs have profound effects on minority college students in STEM and, we all know, that it’s important for professionals too!

The major focus of the Leadership Summit is to build the skill and aptitude levels of AISES members in the realm of professional and career development- to better prepare them to attain jobs and careers in STEM fields.

Goals of the Summit include:

  • Increasing the skill and aptitude level of AISES members in professional and career development;
  • Developing AISES professional members as role models for the AISES college and graduate students; and
  • Providing American Indian/Alaskan Native college and graduate students with support and building their confidence to transition to the STEM workforce

Leadership Summit Locations:

Executive Briefing Center
Rochester, MN
Mayo Clinic
Medical Center Campus
Rochester, MN