AISES National Conference Session Preview

AISES is very excited about this year's exciting educational line up!

Leading up to the conference we will be highlighting various sessions taking place at the National Conference in is the third installment:

Friday, November 20

World Café Session:

Striving for Equality - Safe Spaces for LGBTQ Individuals

Presenters: Sheila Lopez representing Native PFLAG

What is a Safe Space?  Why is it important for LGBT individuals in schools and the workplace?  In this session we will raise awareness of how Safe Spaces can create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ individuals, their families and friends.

Ignite Session:

Biostatistics: Using Numbers to Improve Public Health and Help Communities Thrive

Session Presenter: Heather Mattie from Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

This session intends to introduce the audience to Biostatistics. Participants will learn what Biostatistics is, who Biostatisticians are, how Biostatistics is critical for public health, and how they can enact healthcare change both globally and in their communities using numbers.

Saturday, November 21

Concurrent Session:

RISE to the challenge of hands-on teaching plus receive a template for a career in Science

Presenters: Craig Wilson from USDA ARS and Texas A&M University

Hone your own observation skills with activities you can use with students. Learn that only 1/32 of the Earth’s surface is farmable, through a demonstration and videos of Earth taken from space. Launch a rocket. Calculate a peanut seed’s calorific value in a simple experiment. Raw peanuts can be used as a model of seed physiology and then planted to see germination and growth. Activities using ethanol to highlight its use as an energy source and as an exothermic reaction. Experiments using a wax candle. It can be a model to teach the states of matter and basic observation skills.

You can register for the AISES 2015 National Conference by CLICKING HERE