Advisory Councils

Corporate Advisory Council

AISES’ Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) is a professional association of corporate representatives who support AISES in its mission of increasing the number of American Indians in STEM. The CAC provides industry advice and counsel for the AISES Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors by:

  • Providing scholarships, internship programs and employment opportunities.
  • Participating in and supporting AISES events through sponsorships, presentations and providing career information and resources.
  • Supporting student and professional chapters in their local areas.
  • Providing industry expertise and guidance related to current/projected employment trends and needs.
  • Developing support for AISES consistent with individual company capabilities, including financial contributions, in-kind gifts and human resources as appropriate.
  • Assisting AISES in fundraising efforts through networking and participation.
  • Facilitating effective public relations for AISES activities via coverage in company publications, trade journals, etc.

If you are interested in joining the Corporate Advisory Council, please contact Kellie Jewett-Fernandez, Director of Development at

Government Relations Council

Established in 1984, AISES’ Government Relations Council (GRC) is comprised of U.S. Government employees. Its purpose is to establish working relationships between agencies and AISES. The GRC works to identify government resources, develop strategies, and promote government careers in furthering AISES’ mission by working to:

  • Place American Indians and Alaska Natives into government jobs, by working closely with the AISES Student Chapters, tribal colleges, and other colleges with high Native enrollment
  • Coordinate and participate in government sponsored workshops at the AISES National Conference and Regional Conferences
  • Identify federal funding opportunities for AISES
  • Support student and professional chapter events
  • Identify federal internship and employment programs

If you are interested in joining the Government Relations Council, please contact Kellie Jewett-Fernandez, Director of Development at

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Academic Advisory Council

The Academic Advisory Council (AAC) provides advice and guidance to AISES regarding academic matters such as grant proposal writing, educational and research project design, faculty careers, college admissions and financial aid, postgraduate study and fellowship opportunities, research opportunities, and other higher education opportunities. The AISES mission depends critically on the successful encouragement of our young people to seek higher education and to complete degrees. AISES also needs to cultivate increased presence of Native people on the STEM faculties at colleges, universities, and tribal institutions of higher learning. AISES can also be helped by an increase in successful grant proposals in support of projects that advance the AISES mission.

If you are interested in joining the Academic Advisory Council, please contact Kathy DeerInWater, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Research at AISES:

Professional Chapter Council

The Professional Chapter Council (PCC) of AISES is a formal organization of representatives of the AISES professional chapters whose goal is to provide guidance and representation for professional chapters, to advise AISES on issues important to professional chapters and members, to increase opportunities for AISES professionals, and to support the AISES mission by:

  • Form a cohesive and active council that meets quarterly to support and represent the AISES professional chapters.
  • Advise AISES on issues important to the professional chapters and members.
  • Support the formation of additional professional chapters.
  • Establish a recognition/awards program for the professional chapters.
  • Assist professional chapters in fundraising ideas and programs.
  • Serve as liaison between professional chapters and AISES Headquarters.
  • Assist professional chapters to recruit new members and retain current members.
  • Assist professional chapters to provide professional development for members.
  • Provide networking opportunities for professional chapters and members.
  • Assist professional chapters as they outreach to AISES students and student chapters.
  • Review professional chapter Affiliation Agreement and Professional By-laws and present any proposed changes to AISES Headquarters.
  • Promote communication between professional chapters.
  • Serve as an advocate to publicize professional chapters in Winds of Change and on the AISES website.
  • PCC Chair or Vice-Chair to represent the PCC at the regularly scheduled AISES Board of Directors meetings.
  • Provide input for the Professional Members Dinner at the National Conference.

If you are interested in joining the Professional Chapter Council, please contact Lisa Paz, Director of Membership & Communications at AISES:

Documents and Forms

The following documents are required to apply to an AISES Professional Chapter: