American Indian Research and Education initiative (AIREI)

American Indian Research and Education Initiative

In partnership with the Department of Energy, the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) are supporting projects to foster tribal community-based energy research, technology transfer, economic development, and public education projects. These projects connect science education and research among American Indian college students and faculty at Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) with mainstream higher education institutions while helping to address Tribal community energy priorities.

The overarching objective of AIREI is to foster the development of future American Indian scientists, engineers and leaders with the scientific and technological skills to assist Tribal communities (and the nation) in developing and managing energy resources.  Program goals are: 1) to engage American Indian college students in relevant and exciting applied research engineering, and technology transfer projects conducted on Tribal lands; 2) to strengthen and enhance access by American Indian college students to energy-relevant STEM education programming, and 3) to establish a community of energy practice involving faculty and students from TCUs and mainstream institutions, and DOE/National Laboratory research, engineering, and education personnel.

AIREI project grantees are:

  • Arizona State University* and Navajo Technical University
  • Montana State University* and Little Bighorn College
  • Northern Arizona University* and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute
  • South Dakota School of Mines and Technology* and SInte Gleska University

*portion of project managed by AISES