Maintaining a College Chapter

Maintaining a College Chapter

A main responsibility of College Chapters is to send status and activity reports to the AISES National Office. This enables AISES National Office staff know how to contact chapters and how well they are operating. With this information, AISES staff can best assist chapters with reaching their goals.

AISES relies on this information from college chapters, since these serve as "on-the-ground" resources who are best placed to keep staff apprised of the issues, barriers, and accomplishments of our students in STEM, at the local and regional level.

Information provided in the reports also helps AISES determine which chapters are doing exemplary work and should be recognized through the annual Chapter Awards.

Chapters that fail to submit their annual report will be considered inactive and ineligible to participate in AISES activities — including the Leadership Conference, Chapter Awards, and Student Caucuses at the National Conference. So please stay current with your reports and be aware of the deadlines.

Required Chapter Reports

Annual Online Chapter Update - This update helps AISES maintain accurate contact information and demonstrates active chapter status at the beginning of the academic year.

Annual Chapter Report –  Due May 31. This report provides the national office with information about your chapter's activities, member demographics, and financial status, and standardizes our method of data collection, helping us evaluate programs and assess program needs. Download the report HERE

In addition, there is one required brief update due to National  Office on or before October 15th to verify that your chapter is active for the current academic year.  

Additional updates should be sent to your Regional Representative at any time during the academic year if your contact information changes

Please send your completed report to:
AISES – Membership & Communications Department
2305 Renard Place, Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Report FAQs

If the  online Chapter Update is received and is complete, and the chapter has at least eight members with current National AISES membership, the chapter is considered active and is listed on the AISES Chapters Directory. The President and Chapter Advisor of each active AISES College Chapter are added to the appropriate AISES listserv.
To contact active College Chapters, Professional Chapters, and Affiliated Pre-College schools, visit the AISES Chapters directory or join the Facebook group.
Please contact us. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for guidance. The materials required to reinstate your chapter will depend on the length of the chapter’s inactive status.