Starting a College Chapter

Starting a College Chapter

Effective chapter organization and mission clarity are crucial. With these intact, yours will be a strong, effective, and efficient college chapter able to meet the needs of your members. This section explains membership requirements for starting a college chapters, how to select a chapter advisor and the application process.

Membership Requirements

Each AISES College Chapter must have a minimum of eight members, with all of them being individual members of AISES. Annual college student membership dues are $25. The members listed on the petition to form a College Chapter (hereinafter referred to as the organizers or organizing committee) must be current with their AISES National membership. Exceptions to the eight-member requirement will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but no exceptions can be made regarding membership status. Membership verification may be sent along with the petition.

Selecting a Chapter Advisor

Each Student Chapter must have at least one advisor, who may be a member of the faculty or staff selected according to the criteria established by the Student Chapter. The Chapter Advisor is the one who will sign the petition. While there are no particular requirements a person must meet to become an advisor, chapter organizers are advised to choose someone who demonstrates a dedication and commitment to the chapter's students and AISES' mission.

Required Application Documents

  • Cover letter (Click here for samples)
  • Petition to form a College Chapter signed by the Chapter Advisor
  • Verification of eight current AISES memberships
  • Copies of meeting minutes reflecting adoption of AISES' Code of Conduct and signed form submitted.  (This Code is preferred; however, some chapters find that over time they adapt amendments tailored to the Chapter’s evolving and distinct needs and circumstances).
  • Signed copy of the AISES Code for the Governing of Student Chapters indicating:
    • the code was adopted at a regularly scheduled meeting of the organizing committee
    • the number of votes for and the number against adoption and the date of adoption
  • Letter stating that the college or university has certified their chapter as a duly recognized student organization

Please send your completed application and supporting documents to:
AISES — Membership Department
4263 Montgomery Blvd. 
Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87109


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