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Full Proposal

AISES will collect proposals through a form application

The application will collect the following information:

Team Background & Capabilities: Applicants will list the members of their team, their duties during the app design process and previous experience with designing developing apps and programming.  Experience includes coding languages, design platforms, examples of previous projects, design portfolios, as well as any previous awards and distinctions.  Teams should designate a team leader who will be responsible for communications with AISES staff.  All team members must be current AISES members.

Design Approach: Based on the Services Needed section of the RFP detail your team’s approach to designing the mobile application.  Indicate your method for collecting necessary data from AISES staff and your process for implementing the design. Please indicate what platform(s) or back end systems the app will be designed on. Also indicate any risk variables and/or concerns about the app design or implementation. 

Budget and Resources: AISES can provide resources for the design of the mobile app including server/hosting capabilities for the app and/or database.  Please provide a detailed list of the resources needed to complete the project as well as an estimate of the cost of these resources.

Detailed Timeline/Work plan: Provide a detailed work plan based on the overall time section 1.4 of the RFP.  Please include dates for completion of work, relevant steps that will be taken to complete this work and who will be responsible for completion of work.  Please also indicate any information that will be needed from AISES staff for the completion of the mobile application.

Ongoing App Improvement and Management: Please indicate a plan for the application management and any suggestions for feature add-ons/improvements.

Bonus: Indicate any plans to use the Intel XDK tool. The tool is free to use. (See information on the Intel XDK toolHERE).