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Winds of Change is the premier nationally distributed magazine published with a single-minded focus on career and educational advancement for American Indians/Alaska Natives/Native Hawaiians/First Nations, with an emphasis on STEM. Published five times a year by AISES, four print issues and one digital-only issue, Winds of Change print issues are now also available as digital editions. The digital editions offer readers the option of accessing each issue of the magazine online at any time throughout the year. Each year, Winds of Change releases an annual Special College Issue that features the Top 200 Colleges for Native Americans. The Special College Issue has come to be viewed as a crucial resource for students, counselors, and college recruiters alike. In 2016, Winds of Change introduced a new monthly newsletter, Pathways.  Winds of Change Pathways provides timely information for continued growth and success in STEM education and careers for Native Americans.  Every issue includes in-depth coverage of a career development topic for members, from pre-college to mature professional.  Pathways also provides current information from the AISES family on timely topics and upcoming events.

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Winds of Change Magazine

Winds of Change

Current Issue

Relive the excitement of the record-breaking 2016 National Conference in the Winds of Change winter digital 2016 National Conference Wrap-Up edition.  You’ll find stories and photos that capture highlights of every action-packed day of this momentous annual AISES family gathering. Be sure to experience all the memorable moments in Minneapolis — from the inspiring Opening Ceremony to the closing Traditional Powwow — in this colorful digital edition now available exclusively at

Coming in April is the Spring issue of Winds of Change, with our annual feature on the Top 50 Workplaces for Native STEM Professionals. This popular article looks at organizations that are delivering on a commitment to diversity, especially when it comes to Native Americans. You’ll also find a celebration of an important milestone — 40 years of dedicated members advancing the AISES mission — up-close looks at STEM-related opportunities in Career Builder, and, as always, updates on AISES and news of our chapters and members.  

Welcome to the February issue of Winds of Change Pathways monthly newsletter. Pathways is the monthly newsletter for the entire AISES family, designed to bring you information to help you succeed on your personal STEM path and develop your current — or future — STEM career. In 2017 Pathways will continue to cover topics that offer value to all our readers, from pre-college to mature professional. You’ll also find timely information from AISES and the latest on upcoming events. 

In the current issue of Pathways we offer tips on how to create a winning science fair presentation — for both virtual and physical competitions. After all, it’s one thing to do your research, and another to communicate your work effectively.  Click here to see the February issue of Pathways.

Anyone can contribute to Winds of Change.  
You don't have to be on the Editorial Board to suggest a story for Winds of Change.  Just email Karen English at


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With a print distribution of more than 6,000, and an email distribution that exceeds 12,500 to students, professionals, supporters, universities, and commercial and government businesses, Winds of Change remains unsurpassed in its commitment and ability to reach a broad spectrum of rural and urban American Indians and Alaska Natives. Readers anticipate arrival of the magazine for career and educational opportunities, for inspiration and motivation, and for information about and for Native people and their careers.

Winds of Change is also a valuable recruitment tool for corpora­tions, government agencies, tribal and non-tribal businesses, and colleges and universities across the U.S. The editorial focus of this dynamically redesigned magazine honors tradition while exploring topics in STEM fields as well as health, education, business, and culture.

  • Showcase your school’s educational opportunities to college-bound Native American students
  • Recruit top-tier Native American graduating students and corporate professionals to join your organization
  • Gain exposure to STEM-oriented Native Americans and the people most influential in their academic and employment choices

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