Taking Nominations for the AISES Board of Directors

Dear AISES Members:

Nominations are currently being accepted for a General Election to the AISES Board of Directors. In total three positions are available and all AISES members in good standing are eligible to nominate or be nominated.  Your immediate attention to this very important matter is appreciated.


There are three openings on the Board of Directors. The terms of the positions for election for AISES Board of Directors are as follows: Dr. Twyla Baker-Demaray, Marlene Watson and Dr. Iona Black (first term, November 12, 2015).  These AISES Board members have dedicated their time and energy to the AISES family as your representatives. They have made significant contributions to the effort of directing the organization in a positive, progressive direction in fulfillment of the AISES mission. AISES thanks these individuals for their service and dynamic contributions to AISES.

Nominations Process:

In accordance with the AISES Bylaws there must be a minimum of two candidates nominated for each available vacancy. Therefore, we are currently seeking at least two (2) nominations each for three (3) Board of Director positions. For the General Election, the three (3) year terms will be filled by the three candidates that receive the most votes.  It is important that these slots be filled to maintain the required rotation of Board Members entering and leaving the Board as stated in the AISES Bylaws.

It is the responsibility of the AISES membership to submit nominations for these vacancies, and the responsibility of the General Members to elect new incoming members to the AISES Board of Directors.

You may nominate any current member of AISES to the Board of Directors. The AISES Bylaws allow for both General and Associate members to be elected to the Board of Directors. You are invited to review the Bylaws which can be accessed from the AISES website at http://www.aises.org/about/board.

The open nomination period is from May 29, 2015 to July 21, 2015. Any AISES member wishing to nominate or self-nominate is responsible for completing the Nomination Form in its entirety and ensuring this form is submitted by July 21, 2015. This nomination form may be downloaded from the Board of Directors page of AISES website (http://www.aises.org/about/board) and may be submitted using one of three options: email, mail or fax. 

Email: nominations@aises.org

Postal Mail:
Sheila Lopez, Nominations Committee Chair
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
1225 Ken Pratt Blvd., Suite 206
Longmont, CO 80501

Fax: 720-526-6940

Federal employees may need to obtain prior approval from their employers to be included in this election due to recent changes in federal policy regarding their service on non-profit Boards of Directors. 

All questions relating to the nomination process shall be directed to nominations@aises.org.

Thank you,                                                                       
Sheila Lopez
Nominations Committee, AISES Board of Directors

Election Timeline
July 21, 2015 Nomination Forms Due
August 4, 2015 Ballot will be generated from complete nominations and mailed or emailed to current General Members
September 1, 2015    Ballot Deadline.  Ballots must be recived in the AISES office by this date.
October 1, 2015 Elected nominees notified of their new position
November 18, 2015            Elected nominees are installed in the fall AISES Board meeting held in Phoenix, AZ

For the application please visit our website at this link: aises.org/about/board