SPRK-ing Interest in Computer Science- A New AISES Pre-College Program

AISES is excited to announce a new K-12 program combining robotics and computer programming to increase awareness and interest in STEM and Computer Science (STEM+C) among Native American students. The program will engage students in hands-on STEM+C activities powered by Sphero technology, created by AISES and tailored to Native students. 

AISES has partnered with the toy company Sphero to bring their educational spherical robot, SPRK+, to Native American serving K-12 schools across the country. Sphero SPRK+ is easily integrated into STEM curricula, allowing even the youngest students to learn programming, engage in hands-on STEM+C activities, bridge technology and the arts, and enjoy creative discovery with their classmates.

The goal of this STEM+C program is to inspire young Native minds to pursue and excel in their STEM and Computer Science education. Additionally, AISES hopes to build capacity of educators and schools to provide cutting-edge technological STEM+C experiences for its students by providing teacher trainings, lesson plans, and all equipment necessary to incorporate Sphero in the classroom.

With funding from the General Motors Foundation, Motorola Solutions Foundation, and the Salt River Project, AISES will administer this program to a limited number of schools and classrooms across the country!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please click this link http://www.aises.org/programs/pre-college to register your interest in becoming a project recipient.

Contact Kathy DeerInWater, Director of Special Projects and Research, with questions or for more information at kdeerinwater@aises.org or 720-552-6123 ext. 107.