AISES National Conference- Early Bird Registration Ends October 5th, Sessions Preview

October 5th is the last day to receive the Early Bird discount! CLICK HERE to Register today!

AISES is very excited about this year's exciting educational line up!

Leading up to the conference we will be highlighting various sessions taking place at the National Conference in is the second installment:

Friday, November 20
World Café Session:
Native American Researchers: From the Rez to World‐Class Research

Presenters: Dr. Karletta Chief from University of Arizona & Dr. Otakuye Conroy-Ben from Arizona State University

This session will showcase some of the nation’s most accomplished Native American researchers and promising minds. Researchers will present on diverse STEM topics: engineering, environmental sciences and chemistry, and then end with a panel discussion on career development.  Hear how they journeyed from the “rez” to doing world‐class research.

Ignite Session:

SMART Goals:  A Roadmap for Success

Session Presenter: Sandra One Feather from Los Alamos National Laboratory

Setting goals, whether at work or in our personal lives, is an exercise we do often.  How do we create a path to success? This session will discuss SMART Goals which can be applied to one’s daily life or career.  Participants will learn the SMART Goal model in order to Thrive and develop successfully whether it is personal or professional goal setting.

Saturday, November 21
Concurrent Session:

Green & Clean - Energy Projects to Sustain Tribal Communities

Presenters: Dr. Sandra Begay-Campbell from Sandia National Laboratories & Brittany Anstead from the University of Michigan

Learn from tribal energy interns about how tribes can strive to create sustainable communities through use of green and clean energy.   Renewable energy development projects are considered appropriate for Native American communities because green and clean energy generation has a lower environmental impact, less carbon intensive, and harmonizes well with nature, which is consistent with many tribal cultures.  These types of projects can help raise tribal members’ quality of life through increased access to energy or electricity.   Successful tribal projects will be briefly presented to demonstrate how particular tribes are thriving thru the generation of their own energy projects.

October 5th is the last day to receive the Early Bird discount! CLICK HERE to Register today!