AISES Mobile App Competition Sponsored by Intel

AISES is excited to announce the AISES Mobile App Competition Sponsored by Intel!

In partnership with the Intel Corporation, AISES is now accepting proposals from AISES Student Members for the design and development of the official AISES Mobile App.  This innovative tool will be used by staff, members and partners to support AISES communications and events – and help advance AISES’ overall mission.   Students can apply individually or as a team, with the selected App earning a trip to the 2015 AISES National Conference (for up to three people) and a scholarship of $1,500!

Please review the Request for Proposals for app requirements, competition deadlines and all other information.

1. Project Summary

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is accepting proposals from current student members to create, with the guidance from AISES staff and Intel Developers, an app to assist in improving communications to the AISES members community. 

AISES is requesting current student members submit an application.  Applications can be placed by a team.  The selected team will receive free registration and travel expenses to the 2015 AISES National Conference in Phoenix, AZ (up to three members, teams can consist of more than three members, but AISES will only pay for up to three members to attend) and $1,500 in scholarship funding for undergraduate or graduate studies. (Total of $1,500 scholarship must be split if team has multiple members)

We invite teams to submit a proposal to us by October 19, 2015 for consideration. A description of AISES, the services needed, and other pertinent information follows:

1.1 About AISES:

AISES’ mission is to substantially increase the representation of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, First Nations and other indigenous peoples of North America in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies and careers.

Founded in 1977, with a rapidly expanding membership of more than 3,500 individual members, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) sustains 186 chartered college and university chapters, 14 professional  chapters, and 158 affiliated K-12 schools supporting American Indian students the critically needed disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

1.2 Services Needed:

Applicants will be designing a mobile app for use by the AISES membership and staff to share updates, information as well as serving as the primary app for AISES events.  The app must fit within AISES current brand and graphic design standards. AISES expects that the app will be rolled out in phases adding new features over time.  During the startup phase of the app, AISES is looking for the following features:

Membership Communications:

  • Member Forum: The app will feature a forum where AISES members can interact with each other and share information by membership group and topic. 

  • Announcements: A platform for AISES staff to share announcements including: E-mail announcements, newsletters, and E-opportunity Announcements.  This feature will have push capabilities. 

Event Capabilities: The app will serve as the primary communication platform during AISES events including the AISES National Conference, Regional Conferences and AISES Leadership Summit.  AISES is looking for the following event capabilities from the app:

  • Event Wall: A social media like wall where AISES members can share their experience at the event, “check in” to sessions and exhibitor booths, upload photos, as well as interact with other participant and “like” their posts.

  • Agenda: Ability to upload the event agenda including session location, time, and descriptions as well as links to speaker bios and surveys.

  • Event Surveys: Allow participants to take surveys through the app for individual sessions and the overall event.  Surveys results must downloadable in excel or csv format. 

  • Speaker Bios: Ability to upload information about speakers including bios, photos, and links to external information.

  • Sponsorship: Ability to brand aspects of the app to highlight event sponsors.

  • Venue Map: Ability to upload a map of the conference venue including the location of exhibitor booths.

  • Exhibitor Virtual Booth: Allow exhibitors to upload information about their company, share photos and information and collect participant information when they visit the physical booth.

  • Gamification: An interactive game where participants are awarded points based on their interaction with the app during the event.  Includes a leader board where those with the most points are highlighted. 

Future App Capabilities: After the app is launched AISES would like to continue to grow the application’s capabilities through new features and add-ons.  In future releases AISES would like the app to interface with AISES’ website, communications platform, job board and scholarship database.  These features will not be required during the startup phase of the mobile app but are given so that applicants can consider them when choosing back-end systems. 

1.3 Operating Systems: The application will run on both Android and iOS platforms and include an HTML 5 version for desktop and windows users.  The selected team will assist AISES staff in publishing the final app to the Apple and Android stores.

1.4 Timeline:

  • Proposals due: October 19, 2015. Send to Lisa Paz at

  • November 1st 2015: Notification.  Selected team notified by AISES Staff.

  • November 2015: Design. Design, Wire framing and Coding process begins

  • November 2015: App Preview.  The selected team will give a short demonstration of the app at AISES National conference in Phoenix, AZ.

  • February 2016: App Testing. A group of AISES members will be selected to test the app for quality assurance.

  • March 2016: Final Release.  A full version of the mobile application will be released to all members of the AISES community.

1.5 Selection Criteria: AISES staff will convene an internal review committee to select the winning team based on team experience, ability to complete the project during the timeline, and other information collected in the proposal.  AISES staff may contact teams for additional information during this process.

1.6 Bonus Points: Additional points will be awarded for those that use the Intel XDK tool.  The tool is free to use. The tool is not required but bonus points will be added to the submission if plans are to use the tool. (See information on the Intel XDK tool HERE).  If you are interested in participating in a call to learn more about the Intel XDK tool, please RSVP by email to Lisa Paz ( before September 18.

2. Project Proposal

AISES will collect proposals through a form application at this link on our website.  The application will collect the following information:

2.1 Team Background & Capabilities: Applicants will list the members of their team, their duties during the app design process and previous experience with designing developing apps and programming.  Experience includes coding languages, design platforms, examples of previous projects, design portfolios, as well as any previous awards and distinctions.  Teams should designate a team leader who will be responsible for communications with AISES staff.  All team members must be current AISES members.

2.2 Design Approach: Based on Section 1.3 Services Needed of the RFP detail your team’s approach to designing the mobile application.  Indicate your method for collecting necessary data from AISES staff and your process for implementing the design. Please indicate what platform(s) or back end systems the app will be designed on. Also indicate any risk variables and/or concerns about the app design or implementation. 

2.3 Budget and Resources: AISES can provide resources for the design of the mobile app including server/hosting capabilities for the app and/or database.  Please provide a detailed list of the resources needed to complete the project as well as an estimate of the cost of these resources.

2.4 Detailed Timeline/Work plan: Provide a detailed work plan based on the overall time section 1.4 of the RFP.  Please include dates for completion of work, relevant steps that will be taken to complete this work and who will be responsible for completion of work.  Please also indicate any information that will be needed from AISES staff for the completion of the mobile application.

2.5 Ongoing App Improvement and Management Please indicate a plan for the application management and any suggestions for feature add-ons/improvements.

Bonus: Indicate any plans to use the Intel XDK tool. The tool is free to use. (See information on the Intel XDK tool HERE).  If you are interested in participating in a call to learn more about the Intel XDK tool, please RSVP by email to Lisa Paz ( before September 18.


Should you have questions about this Request for Proposals, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Paz, Director of Membership and Communications by phone at (505) 765-1052 ext 112 or by email at

For access to the application, visit out website at this link