AISES Call for Volunteer Scholarship Reviewers

Dear AISES Professional Members,

We are looking for AISES Scholarship Application Reviewers! Last year, through the generous support of sponsors, AISES helped award over $400,000 to Native American students studying in STEM fields. This is not possible without volunteer reviewers! 

If you would like to serve as a volunteer reviewer, please send an email to In this email, please list the subject as “Reviewer Request” and, in the message, include:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Please list your Job Title and the Name of the Organization for which you work
  • Yes or No—Have you have served as an AISES Scholarship Reviewer in the past? (if Yes, when/for how many years?)

*To be a reviewer, you must be able to commit around 5-8 hours between May 14, 2017 and May 30, 2017—to review and score approximately 15 student applications. *

Some important points on being a volunteer reviewer:

  • Volunteer reviewers do NOT have to be a Native American or Alaskan Native to serve as a volunteer reviewer.  You just need to be committed to the AISES mission.
  • Volunteer Reviewers must have a minimum of a bachelors’ degree or 3 years of experience as a STEM professional to serve as a reviewer. 
  • Volunteer reviewers must be an AISES member, STEM professional, or work with/for an AISES partnership organization (foundation, corporate donor, federal partner agency, etc.).
  • Volunteer reviewers must agree to keep all information you receive and view confidential to protect the privacy of students. 
  • Volunteer reviewers must to inform AISES of any potential conflicts of interest/bias if an applicant in their portfolio is a personal acquaintance or family member. In such instances, we will reassign that applicant to another reviewer’s portfolio.
  • Volunteer reviewers agree that if they cannot complete their review, they will inform AISES immediately.

We are looking for around 90 scholarship reviewers this year so please let us know if you can volunteer!  We will accept as many volunteer requests as we can—please send your info to before Friday May 12, 2017.  If selected, we will follow up on next steps.  Thank you!