Mayo Clinic Tours

Participants will rotate through the following programs/activities as part of this tour:



Mayo Clinic Celebration of Research and Careers Tour:
Mayo Clinic researchers investigate today’s medical mysteries, generating new knowledge and translating discoveries into therapies to advance patient care. During this session, you will explore several Research labs and meet a highly skilled team of medical professionals, including scientists, medical technologists, lab assistants, and other specialists. Experience firsthand the exemplary environment of one of the world’s leading health-care institutions and discover the possible impact Research will create for future generations.

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and School of Health Sciences Tour:
Mayo Clinic is an internationally renowned academic medical center that continually transforms clinical care, research, and education. The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine provides educational opportunities for learners who want to become tomorrow’s outstanding professionals in healthcare and biomedical research.
This presentation will discuss various pathways to enter health science careers in the Mayo School of Health Sciences, to pursue a career as a physician within the Mayo Medical School, and to become a research scientist within the Mayo Graduate School. For more information about these schools, please visit

Mayo Clinic Simulation Experience:
Mayo Clinic faculty and staff will guide participants through a simulation of medical and leadership response to crisis situations. The learner will have the opportunity to be a member of a simulated relief team assisting with casualties of a natural disaster. Learners will be divided into teams of approximately 6 and be mentored by a medical provider serving as  faculty  who will demonstrate some techniques of the clinical care of an injured simulated casualty(mannequin) and then have the team work together to perform these skills.
Skills demonstrated and experienced will include, but not be limited to, control of bleeding, airway establishment, circulatory support , the primary and secondary survey of a casualty and at all times working as a team with closed loop communication and mutual support of team members in a safe learning environment. No prior medical expertise is necessary for learners. All pertinent simulation involves mannequins only with moulage/make-up, except for possible demonstration of ultrasound diagnosis on a volunteer faculty member.