Leveraging Covey to Lead Change

Gage Hutchinson, Dr. AD Cropper, & Nathaniel Todea


Following a 5 minute primer on Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, audience members will engage with the speakers to outline successful approaches to leading change for technical, procedural and human conditions in the workplace by leveraging a modified world café format.  At AISES National 2015 one session participant from a Fortune 500 said “Our company spent $300,000 and two months for the same set of answers we just came up with in 60 minutes.”

Gage Hutchinson

Gage Hutchens is of Cherokee descent and has served on the board of the Cherokees of California, a 501(3)c since 2004. He has been a Sequoyah fellow and associate member of AISES since 2011 and this is his 8th AISES presentation. His academic degrees are in social science (USC) and psychology (Antioch) and he is currently completing his MBA (WGU). From 1999 to 2015 he was a San Francisco entrepreneur in the technology industry, growing his boutique consulting firm to $2.5m in annual service revenue, and seeding a sister operation of developers in Romania. He has hired over 50 technology personnel and consulted for well-known companies in the financial, pharmaceutical and technology industries. In Q3 2013 he led the creation, and launch, of a micro-cloud appliance tech startup. In Q2 2015 he joined Wells Fargo Bank as a Systems Architect where he also leads the California chapter of the Team member Native People’s network.

Dr. A.D. Cropper

Dr. A. D. Cropper, the AISES “2014 Professional of the Year” recipient, is of Kalinago Carib decent and has been a Sequoyah Fellow of AISES since 2002. Currently he is an Electro-Optical, Infrared Engineering Fellow and a Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) Technical Subject Matter Expert (SME) within Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) and past President of AISES Publishing Inc. Board of Directors. Prior to Raytheon he worked with next generation Disruptive Technologies for ground, air and space markets for various Aerospace / Defense technology corporations and in the telecommunication and flat panel displays industries. He provided technological innovation and solutions to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community and worked as an Independent Reviewer for the Department of Energy Nonproliferation Research and Development programs. Dr. Cropper has been involved in AISES since 1992 and has presented at both the National and Regional Conferences on Technical and Professional Development topics since 1995. Dr. Cropper received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. In addition to his AISES Award in 2014, Dr. Cropper has been recognized by the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with the “National ICONS in Science & Technology” Award in 2005 and then with the “Caribbean ICONS in Science Technology & Innovation” Award in 2006.

Nathaniel Todea

Nathaniel Todea, Diné, holds a BA in Anthropology from Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO, and a MS in Civil Engineering with concentration in Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering from the University of New Mexico. He primarily works on watersheds, rivers, streams, channels, and dams as the State Hydraulic Engineer in the NRCS Utah State Office. Time is spent gathering hydraulic / hydrologic data (GIS, remote sensing, and GPS surveys) and conducting hydraulic/hydrologic analysis (developing / routing dam breach flows, natural channel design, dam parameters, sedimentation studies, post fire / flooding hydrology). He also served collateral duties as the USDA NRCS National Civil Rights Committee American Indian / Alaska Native Male representative. He was awarded the 2008 AISES Most Promising Engineer award and is a Sequoyah fellow.