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AISES Circle Partners

The following outstanding organizations are recognized for their commitment to supporting the educational and professional development of American Indians, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiians, and other indigenous people of North America in STEM fields. AISES’ Circle Partners diversify their involvement over at least two national events or programs.

For more information on how to become a Circle Partner, please contact Kellie Jewett-Fernandez.

2016 Circle Partners

“Intel has been committed to creating pathways for Native American students for many years and our partnership with AISES has been instrumental. In 2016, we expanded our partnership with AISES and created the ‘Growing the Legacy’ scholarship program for Native American undergraduate and graduate students to provide students with financial support, Intel mentors, and opportunities for paid internships or jobs at Intel upon graduation. Additionally, we are collaborating with AISES on a culturally-appropriate computer science curriculum for Native American high school students. We know that if a subject interests a student, education happens. We believe an engaging curriculum and exposure to Intel role models and mentors can make a huge difference.”


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Alyeska Pipeline
American Chemical Society
America’s Navy
Boston Scientific
Bush Foundation
The Boeing Company
CHS Inc.
Central Intelligence Agency
Cobell Scholarship Fund

Comcast NBC Universal
General Motors
Intel Corporation
Mayo Clinic
Microsoft Corporation
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Native American Rights Fund
Navajo Division of Natural Resources

Navajo Transitional Energy Company
Navy Civilian Careers
NextEra Energy
Northrop Grumman
National Science Foundation
Resolution Copper
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - New Connections
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation

U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Interior
U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service

Alfred P. Sloan 

The Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership (SIGP) makes scholarships available to American Indians and Alaska Natives for Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs in designated STEM fields. American Indian Science and Engineering Society has always been very supportive of SIGP, welcoming us to have the annual meeting of SIGP directors at their meeting and encouraging the full participation of SIGP Sloan Scholars in meeting activities. This has included Scholars’ volunteering for “give-back” activities such as judging the undergraduate research competitions. Attendance at the national AISES meeting is critical for project directors to meet, review progress towards goals and plan for the next year and for Scholars from our seven universities to have an opportunity to interact and network.

2016 Leadership Summit Sponsors

America’s Navy
CHS Foundation

Mayo Clinic
San Manual Band of Mission Indians
USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service

2016 Corporate and Tribal Donors

IBM Corporation and Employees
Swinomish Tribal Community

The Boeing Company
American Chemical Society
American Indian/Alaska Native Employees Association for NRCS

Choctaws of Oklahoma
North Star AISES Alliance and Professional Chapter

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Business Committee

“The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is a proud supporter of AISES.”

San Manuel has been a long-time supporter of AISES and Native STEM students. In 2012, the Tribe honored AISES with its Yawa’ Award. Yawa´is a word and concept in the Tribe’s native Serrano Language that calls for one to act on their beliefs. Seen as a milestone in the Tribe’s philanthropic giving, the annual Yawa’ award is given in four categories – Education, Health, Economic Development, and Special Projects. Each represents the focus areas in which San Manuel seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians is a federally recognized American Indian tribe located near the city of Highland, Calif. The Serrano Indians are the indigenous people of the San Bernardino highlands, passes, valleys and mountains who share a common language and culture. The AISES Family is honored to have the ongoing partnership and support of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

2014-2015 Pre-College
“Awareness & Retention” Program Sponsors

Intel Corporation

Energy Challenge
B.I.A. Office of Indian Energy, Division of Energy and Mineral Development

K-12 Programming
U.S. Department of Education Native Youth and Culture Programs (NYCP)
Helen A. Powers Foundation
Motorola Foundation
Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

2016 Individual Donors 

Mark Abotossaway
Joe Alia
George Alverson
Andy Ambrose
Brittany Anderson
Margo Aragon Herrington
Stefanie Armstrong
Maureen Baca
Stephen Baca
Twyla & Alan Baker-Demaray
Tileah Begay
Nicole Benally
Olester Benson
Del Bonnin
Kathleen Bonnin
Terry Lee Braun
Laurence Brown
Raymond Burch
Mitchell Bush
John Callaway
JT Childs
Dakota Codner-Duffy
Fred & Joy Cooper
Suzanna Cottrell Olsen
David Cournoyer
Cara Cowan Watts
Samuel Cox
Christopher Daniel
Linda Dawson
Sylvia Demarest
Debra Derryberry
Rita Devine
Stavan Dholakia
Joan Dick
Scott Dobbins
Scott & Nancy Dobbins
John & Kathryn Echohawk
Lucille Echohawk
Sarah EchoHawk
Helen Ellinger

Christina Finsel
David Foster
Anthony & Katherine Galaitsis
Stephanie Galaitsis
Mollie Glaser
Max Marty Goff
William Gordon
Karen Graves Pyrch
Ciarra Greene
Solo Greene
Ben Greenwood
Nancy & Lawrence Gutstein
Amberlynne Guzman
Jason Hammond
Penelope Hanshaw
Ellen Harju
Dwight & Tina Harris
Edward Helmer
Ruben Hernandez
John Herrington
Lawrence Hill
Jacqueline Hodge
Zachary Holland
Larry Hothem
Emi Ito
Mythili Iyer
Kellie Jewett-Fernandez
Wiley Jones
Paul Kabotie
Christopher Kelly
William and Sonya Kie
Daniel Kline
Karen Klomparens
John Koutrouba
Yathin Krishnappa
Chris Kyselka
Patrick LaCava
Larissa LaCour
Rana LaPin
Mike Laverdure

Stefanie Lawson
Leslie Ledda
Susanna Lewalski
Sandra Lilligren
Ronnie Litchfield
John & Gale Lothrop
Trevor Mackey
Kathleen Marske
Franklin Martinez
Jim May
Eric Mayo
Jeffrey Mazique
Susan McHenry
Ronica McKinley
David Mejia
Carol Metcalf Gardipe
James Miller
Ron Mitsch
Ronald & Marilyn Mitsch
Carmaleta Monteith
Max Monteith
Maria Montour
Carey Montoya
Zaida Morales-Martinez
Russell Nekorchuk
Michael Nephew
Donald Newsom
Jorge Ochoa
Mary Jo Ondrechen
Mike O’Neill
Lynn Paxson
Elaine Petkovich
Robert & Pat Pieri
Ronald Plue
Ken Poff
Jeff Pratt
Marcellus Proctor
Alfred & Leslie Qoyawayma
Julie & Paul Quinlan
Bob Rabin

Roger & Mary Rayburn
Kenneth Redhorse
Max Roberts
Michael & Jennifer Roberts
Arthur Ryan
Arthur & Mary Ryan
Debora Saliego
A.B. & Janet Sam
Sonja Sanders
Kelsey Scareshawk
Joseph Schaefer
Rosemary Schaefer
Nicholas Schneble
John Scully
Mike Smith
Martha Stampfer
Yoko Starr
Charlene Steele
J Steele
Rick Stephens
Lauren Stevens
Agnes Suazo
Margo Taylor
Marlin Thomas
Emma Tosch
Inez Towner
Philip Tubesing
Richard Turyn
Betty Vega
Jeffrey Weirback
Jeanne Well
Robert Whitman
Michelle Whitstone
Madeline Winsand
Thomas Wynn
Aaron Yazzie
Debra Ann Yazzie
Rachel Yellowhair
Valerie Young

“Partnering with AISES and working with our Native youth is one of the best parts of my job. I have been a part of and involved with the organization for almost 8 years now, since my first year in college, and I love the opportunities they provide. I have always wanted to stay connected and work with our youth and partnering with AISES has allowed me to do that. Working with AISES this year on the Energy Challenge has been a very rewarding experience.”

The total number of Sequoyah Fellows is now over 1,300!


The AISES Lifetime Membership program was named in memory of Sequoyah, a member of the Cherokee Nation who perfected the Cherokee alphabet and syllabary in 1821, resulting in the Cherokee Nation becoming literate in less than one year. In this spirit, AISES Sequoyah Fellows are recognized for their commitment to AISES mission in STEM and to the American Indian community as a whole. They bring honor to AISES by engaging in lifelong leadership, mentorship, and other acts of service, including making annual financial contributions, to support the students and professionals in the AISES family. 

New Sequoyah Members in 2016 are listed below:

Teri Allery
Tara Astigarraga
Marcy Averill
Vanessa Bailey
Jolene Begay
Gabriel Brien
Olester Benson
Melissa Clah

Dr. James Cotter
Madison Esposito
Naomi Farabee
Victoria Fuentes
Sage Garcia
Emily Irey
Richard Johnson
Aaron Jones

Raquel Kamalu
Dr. Adrienne Laverdure
Regal Leftwich
Todd Mitchell
Lisa Paz
D’Lisa Penney-Pinkham
Ben Oster
Jody Pfotenhauer

Cynthia Sanders
Jim Sappier
Fillip Southerland
Dylan Suvlu
Nikki Tulley
Christina Thalia Uh
Dr. Kimon Valavanis
Dr. Wren Walker-Robbins


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