Page 6 - 2013 AISES Annual Report Flipbook
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Pre-College Affiliate School Program
Awareness and Retention
The focus of the Pre-College Program is “Awareness and Retention.” In order to engage future professionals in the STEM fields early in their academic career, AISES’ Pre-College Affiliate School Program is open to all pre-college schools serving American Indian and Alaska Native students. Presently, approximately 55,000 Native students were served through 160 K-12 schools and educational organizations, and 80 Individual Pre-College affiliates. School affiliation is a prerequisite for participating in AISES workshops and national events. Teachers from the affiliated schools are also invited to participate in regional activities such as the regional conferences held each spring and are also provided with curricular and professional development support.
Students are given exposure to cutting edge science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs and events. These experiences and opportunities support them in discovering, pursuing, and sustaining their interest in STEM as they prepare for their college careers and beyond.
We support early childhood through high school students in a variety of ways. These include teacher training, regional science bowls, science fairs, leadership development, mentorship, scholarships, internships and other programming designed to help both students and their families.
National American Indian Virtual Science and Engineering Fair
The National American Indian Science and Engineering Fair (NAISEF) serves American Indians/Alaska Natives/Native Hawaiians (AI/AN/NH) in grades 5-12. In the past, NAISEF has always provided an opportunity for students to actively participate in a science based learning environment and create science projects and conduct scientific research that can be shared with peers, educators, and other Native role models.
In late 2013, as result of reduced funding support, AISES announced it would hold the first ever National American Indian Virtual Science and Engineering Fair (NAIVSEF). As a pilot project, AISES had the opportunity to be the first to secure the support of the Society for Science and the Public (SSP) for this new endeavor. The SSP is the organization that oversees the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and all of the affiliated fairs, including AISES’ NAISEF. With the new virtual format, AISES was able to retain its affiliations with ISEF and continue to offer students the opportunity to compete
in a ISEF affiliated science fair. Moreover we are encouraged by SSP’s interest in AISES’ ability to provide an online venue
that other science fairs, facing similar funding challenges, may eventually adopt as an alternative model rather than having to completely suspend or cancel their events. And while small in size, first the virtual fair was met with a great deal of support, enthusiasm and talent. There were two major classes within its Senior Division, Life Sciences and Math & Engineering. The Junior Division was comprised of one overall class of both. AISES covered all travel-related expenses for the ISEF Grand Award Winners and their chaperones. The final judging included 30 high school projects (Senior Division) and seven 5th- 8th grade projects (Junior Division). These 37 projects included both team and individual entries. The Virtual Science and Engineering Fair was such a success. The SRC acknowledged that AISES did an excellent job in adhering to the International Rules and in providing the proper documentation in the submission of the project paperwork.

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