Page 5 - 2013 AISES Annual Report Flipbook
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Message the AISES Board Chair, Melinda L. McClanahan, Ph.D.
Dear AISES Community: What a difference a year makes!
The progress of our beloved AISES organization over the past year in the areas of financial
viability, program sponsorship, and organizational management is truly remarkable.
Through the superb leadership of Sarah EchoHawk, AISES CEO, and her dedicated staff,
we have successfully maneuvered our way through some problematic times to reach a stable but energetic state that will
be a springboard to increased growth and national prestige for AISES. We have implemented a reorganization of our administrative structure, tightened our belts to eliminate non-profitable activities, sharpened our focus on long-term goals, and turned our attention to better supporting the needs of our AISES members. We have built new liaisons with corporate sponsors. We have reached out to our Council of Elders and Indian Nations to build stronger ties. We have transcended old ways of doing things and overcome fear of change. The courage of AISES leadership, including the Board of Directors, to navigate this new path is to be applauded.
Our bold new approach that we began working toward in 2013 is now paying dividends and has earned national recognition of the high quality of our unique organization. The recent major grant awarded by the National Science Foundation to AISES bears testimony to this fact. The life blood of AISES is its student and professional members and the AISES Chapters across the continent. This NSF grant, “Lighting the Pathway to Faculty Careers for Natives in STEM,” will provide a new avenue of holistic support to many of our STEM students and mentors during the next five years. “More than scholarships, a full circle of support” aptly describes this innovative and exciting program.
In summary, this Annual Report describes the activities and achievements of AISES and defines our outstanding organizational progress during the past year. I am both humble and proud to have served as Chair of the AISES Board of Directors during this time of transition. I want to thank all AISES members and sponsors for their love of their Native culture and unflagging support for AISES. I hope that you agree with me that this is an exciting time. The future of AISES looks bright!
Many thanks for the opportunity to serve you.
Melinda L. McClanahan, Ph.D., Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Chair, AISES Board of Directors

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