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From the CEO, Sarah EchoHawk
As I reflect back over the time I have spent as the CEO of AISES, I am reminded of my many trips through Indian Country. There is not always a definitive map but there is always someone there to welcome me and show me the way home. As a collective people, we are always available to help and guide one another. Everyone offers what they can to move someone or something
a little further down the line. In this, our traditions guide us, always reaching back to those who came before us and carrying forward to the next generation. It is certainly a long road but always worth the journey.
We recognize there are many who have gone before us, who walk beside us, and who stand behind us, making it possible to continue our mission—to substantially increase the representation of American Indians and Alaska natives in engineering, science, and other related technology disciplines. I deeply appreciate the devotion and dedication of our members, friends, volunteers, council members, Elders, and partners. Our Board of Directors, under the outstanding leadership of our talented Chair, Melinda L. McClanahan, Ph.D., has always led us in the right direction. From our Pre-College Science Fairs and Science Bowls to the hugely successful 2013 AISES Leadership Summit and National Conference, our friends and supporters have helped make a year full of great achievements possible.
During 2013, we have seen a growing awareness for the importance of our mission. People are beginning to realize that if the United States is to remain competitive in the global economy, we can’t afford to ignore the talent we have available and must be sure to include American Indians and Alaska Natives in training and hiring for STEM careers. Recently, more attention is being paid to this vital concern and we are seeing our membership and interest in our mission grow. We are fortunate to have a wealth of amazing partners who are as committed to solving this economic and human issue as we are. Truly, it is an exciting time for AISES.
As you look through this report to you--our valued friends—I am certain you too will be caught up in the enthusiasm. It runs through our Pre-College program as young students first find encouragement and pride in their accomplishments. Our college members look to us for scholarship support as the cost of tuition continues to skyrocket. The College Chapters are busy networking and also providing a sense of community and belonging for students in institutions where they might otherwise feel isolated. Meanwhile, members of our Professional Chapters are out in the world making tremendous contributions
in their chosen STEM fields and then returning to events like our National Conference to share their expertise with other members of the AISES family. I’m honored to be part of such an exciting and worthwhile enterprise.
As the number one STEM organization in Indian Country, AISES is the orginazation others turn to when they need direction. We are the innovators who break the trails for the rest to follow. And, at AISES, the only way we are heading is forward. It’s going to be an exciting journey and we are so glad you are a part of it!
Ta’Tura Tsiksu (With Much Respect),
Sarah EchoHawk, Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma Chief Executive Officer, AISES

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