Page 12 - 2013 AISES Annual Report Flipbook
P. 12
Summer Internship Program:
College Programs
The AISES Internship Program provides students with applied work experience and an opportunity to explore career options. Placing students in ten-week summer positions with partner agencies, the program also promotes advanced study to the graduate level and assists students in developing professional networks. AISES is proud to have a myriad of partners so we can offer wide and varied work experiences. These agencies include the US Bureau of Land Management (Arizona), USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services (DC Metro Area), the Veterans’ Administration, and Bonneville Power Authority (Pacific Northwest).
Bonneville Power Administration (BPA):
Interns will be involved in the following types of activities
 Planning, design and operations of the power grid and the supporting systems required to ensure its functioning; will include site visits, reviewing planning documents, assisting other engineers on design items, and viewing field construction and installation. May include participating in the power system section which could include transformer, breaker, capacitors and other high voltage equipment; in the protection and control area including relaying and remedial action schemes; in the communications area including radio and fiber networks; and in other supporting organizations.
 Hands-on experience in tributaries of the Columbia River on or near the Tribal Reservation learning about spiritual and cultural importance of salmon to its tribe, the strong co-management responsibilities the tribes share with state agencies, and provide integral involvement in performing work to support the return of salmon to their native waters. Activities may include fish hatchery operations; riparian habitat enhancement; and conducting field sampling to support research and monitoring of tribal efforts.

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