Professional Development Strategic Planning

AISES Professionals Strategic Planning Session
Friday June 23 & Saturday June 24, 2017
Denver, CO

AISES Professionals: we need you!

What’s your vision of being a professional in AISES? Where has AISES met your expectations? Where could things be done differently or better? What could be put into place for professionals that would provide value, be exciting and motivating, and engage you significantly and meaningfully, now and in the future?

We are seeking AISES professional members to define pathways for involvement and engagement in AISES for the next 40 years and beyond! Professional members will come together to define the compelling vision of what professional engagement in AISES looks like, consider how that vision lines up with the AISES mission and professionals’ motivations, talents and needs and then lay out a plan to get there.

The strategic planning session will be conducted exclusively by professional members (and key AISES staff). We have limited space and are hoping to have 30-40 members in attendance.  Ideally, the breadth of membership will be represented across the spectrum of disciplines, degrees, regions, and tenure, from newcomers to old-timers.

Participants will be expected to pay their travel, lodging and expenses. There is no registration fee and AISES will provide lunch each day. We’d love to include every member that can make it, but there will be a selection process for logistical reasons. We hope to see you there!

Fill out the form below if you can allocate the time and resources to participate. Deadline is April 30. Notifications will be sent out in early May.