Chapter Advisor Awards

AISES’ Chapter Advisors serve in one of the most varied and challenging roles within the entire AISES organization.  Not only are they ‘ambassadors’ of the organization to external organizations, but are also advocates of their Chapter within the College/University structure, Liaison to the National AISES office, and also serve directly to their chapter members as academic advisors, resources to the services available from the college/university, spokespeople to college/university administrators, and in a host of other roles depending on the individual Advisor.

AISES continues to be appreciative of the time, effort, and dedication of Chapter Advisors nationwide.  In recognition of their work and dedication to the AISES mission, chapter members have an opportunity to nominate their chapter advisor for the 2016 AISES Chapter Advisor Award.

2016 Chapter Advisor of the Year Winner

Katherine Sukalski, University of North Dakota


All college chapters in good standing may nominate their advisor(s).  Chapters considered in good standing are those that:

  • Submitted their Annual Chapter Report by May 31st

To verify your chapter’s status, contact Lisa Paz at

Application Process:

All nomination application packets must adhere to the guidelines:

  1. AISES Chapter Advisor Award Nomination Application
  2. Cover letter summarizing qualifications of award
  3. Nomination letter by a Chapter Officer
  4. Chapter Advisor photo (high-resolution)
  5. List of chapter members

Evaluation of Applications:

Things to keep in mind regarding your advisor(s) when completing the nomination process and compiling your cover letter:

  • Leadership abilities and/or initiatives
  • Uniqueness and/or innovation of contributions to the chapter
  • Ability to solicit the support of the college/university and utilize their resources
  • Awareness of each chapter member’s academic and professional goals
  • Ability to relate to chapter members on an individual basis
  • Ability to recognize and encourage participation of all chapter members


A completed nomination application form and supplemental documents must be received by: December 1, 2017.

2017 Chapter Advisor of the Year Application