AISES Power Up Workshops

AISES Power Up Workshops

What is a Power Up workshop?

AISES’ Power Up workshops are designed to boost student engagement in science fairs and to improve the quality and quantity of science fair research and projects entered at the local, national, and international level. At these workshops, students will understand the process behind developing a research question, engage in hands on scientific research, similar to what is expected of a science fair project, and learn about the importance of STEM research for Native communities. Educators will receive helpful and on-going AISES-developed resource aimed at supporting students through the science fair/STEM research process. Workshops are engaging, hands-on, grade/age appropriate, use technology and audio-visual aids, and encourage group interaction.

The target audience for these in-class workshops is middle and high school students (grades 5 through 12) and their educators. Attendance at Power Up workshops typically consists of students and educators, but may also include parents, families, and community members if conducted as an after-school activity. Workshops can accommodate from 25 to 100 plus individuals, depending upon interest, availability of AISES staff and budget.

AISES’ Power Up workshops are a great way to introduce your students to science fairs and STEM research. During the workshop, AISES will share information on the plethora of opportunities in STEM as well as all the AISES opportunities for K-12 students including AISES’ very own National American Indian Virtual Science and Engineering Fair (NAIVSEF) and Energy Challenge! More information about these AISES programs is available here:


In 2010, AISES staff and a select group of educators and subject matter experts were able to produce the first Power Up Science Fair Manual focusing on the scientific method, effective project presentations, proper research techniques, and information on how to complete the complicated paperwork required to produce successful science fair projects.

AISES has presented the manual over the years to hundreds of students with much success. Over 85% of the students reported that the Power Up Science Fair Manual and workshop were helpful. In addition, students reported that they plan to utilize what they had learned for the creation of their own science fair projects at the AISES National American Indian Science and Engineering Fair in addition to other community or state science fairs.

AISES is currently developing new educator resources to complement the Power Up Manual and, in addition to the Power Up workshop, will provide teacher professional development using these resources.

Let AISES host a Power Up workshop at your school!

We will come to your community! AISES staff are available to travel to your community and provide a Power Up workshop and teacher professional development. These site-visits are typically two-days, allowing AISES staff to work with multiple classrooms, grades, and teachers, maximizing resources and impact.

AISES often receives small sources of funding to provide Power Up workshops to schools at no cost. However, if these funds are unavailable, AISES can provide the Power Up workshop budget and is happy to work with schools to identify and secure funding.


AISES prioritizes working with schools serving a significant American Indian, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian student population to have the greatest impact. However, AISES is also happy to work with any school interested in further supporting their Native student population. We try to make it as easy and cost-free as possible. Schools or organizations can be on- or off-reservation communities, urban or rural. Schools/organizations will need to provide classroom or larger space for the Power Up workshop. Power Up workshops can be done without AV resources, including internet, however these resources would be helpful. AISES will tailor its programming to the resources available. AISES also requests the school facilitate outreach and recruitment of attendees, if there are activities occurring outside of the classroom or in-class time.

You can view the AISES Power Up Manual here:

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