AISES Call for Volunteer Scholarship Reviewers

More content is coming soon!  For the present, please encourage any college or senior high school students in your networks to apply for AISES Scholarships! We will likely send out a call for Volunteer Scholarship Reviewers in March or early April.  

What Are the Requirements to Be a Volunteer Reviewer?

  • Volunteer Reviewers must have a minimum of a bachelors’ degree or 3 years of experience as a STEM professional to serve as a reviewer. 
  • Volunteer reviewers must be an AISES member, STEM professional, or work with/for an AISES partnership organization (foundation, corporate donor, federal partner agency, etc.).
  •  Volunteer reviewers do NOT have to be a Native American or Alaskan Native to serve as a volunteer reviewer.  You just need to be committed to the AISES’ mission.
  • Volunteer reviewers must agree to keep all information you receive and view confidential to protect the privacy of students. 
  • Volunteer reviewers must to inform AISES of any potential conflicts of interest/bias if an applicant in their portfolio is a personal acquaintance or family member. In such instances, we will reassign that applicant to another reviewer’s portfolio.
  • Volunteer reviewers agree that if they cannot complete their review, they will inform AISES immediately, as AISES strives to get final awards made early summer, as students depend on the scholarship funds and the process is time-sensitive.

What is the time commitment to be a volunteer reviewer?

Each application takes approximately 30 minutes (on average, some more, some less) to read and score.  Reviewers would be expected to read between 10 to 12 applications over a 10-day review period.  The commitment, therefore, would be about 5-6 hours total.  More details on exact review period dates will be available later this Spring.