Interest Groups by Industry

AISES is currently in the process of creating interest groups by industry with the goal of better connecting members and partners (corporations, government agencies and educational institutions) by industry interest. The goal within each industry interest group is to more effectively articulate to members information about a particular industry. Members and partners will be able to self-select into one or more industry interest groups. This allows members seeking to learn more about a particular industry to directly access those partners within a particular industry of interest.

For partners, the benefit is the ability to directly access those members who are interested in earning a degree and working in a particular industry. In the coming months, AISES will be working with our corporate, governmental and educational partners to collect information about the various industries seeking STEM professionals. From this process, AISES will compile and make available information about the various industries seeking STEM professionals. This information will include an overview of the industry as well as information about what degrees are applicable to particular industry, what members can expect in terms of salaries, what positions are available and which employers (AISES partners) are members of particular interest groups. Additionally, AISES will begin to offer opportunities at our Leadership Summit, National Conference, as well as new venues, for interest groups to meet, present and dialogue.

To stay informed as we move through the process of implanting these new interest groups, be sure sign-up for our monthly newsletter and informational updates. Additionally, we encourage your share with us your ideas and suggestions as to what interest groups you would like to see become a part of AISES. Please provide your feedback via email to Lisa Paz, Development Officer, at:


Currently, AISES is considering creating the following interest groups:

  • Aerospace
  • Armed Forces
  • Energy
  • Intelligence
  • Tech
  • Academia
  • Construction/Architecture
  • Food/Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Health/Medical
  • Natural Resources/Environment